ITAR Compliance

The phrase “ITAR Compliance” gets thrown around a lot by defense contractors, ITAR exporters and other regulated businesses, but they’re not always using the same definitions. If your exports are controlled by the Department of State and are subject to ITAR regulations (meaning that your product, service, or technology is listed on the United States Munitions List, USML), here’s something to be aware of:

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations do not list a definition for the term ITAR compliance, nor do they list one for ITAR certified.

The term ITAR compliance is loosely used by Federal employees to denote a company that is registered with the DDTC, is aware of the ITAR export regulations that apply to their products and services, and makes a continuing effort to abide by those regulations. Essentially, this is a self-certifying process.

If we’re self-certifying, when does ITAR compliance matter?

Your ongoing effort to remain in compliance with the ITAR will be a huge mitigating factor in the event of an audit. A company actively striving to operate within regulations is viewed in a different light than one that is unaware of, or unwilling to follow the rules. These audits happen and your level of ITAR compliance will factor into the final outcome – whether it’s a green light, a general warning, fine, or total revocation of your export privileges.

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