EAR Document Amendments

To reduce the pressure on the BIS and to increase effectiveness for “shipping under an approved license,” the Dept. of Commerce proposed a modification to EAR for the import Certificate and Delivery Verification system. On April 9th, 2014, a Federal Register notice was published featuring such proposed modifications. In addition, the proposed changes would effect […]

Arms Embargo Against Central African Republic

In alignment with United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Dept. of State is implementing an arms embargo against the Central African Republic. A Federal Register Notice published on April 17th, 2014 describes the changes being made to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations to reflect this embargo. Approvals and licenses will be reviewed by case […]

Six Changes in EAR Rules

On June 5th, 2014, the BIS a final ruling addressing several Export Administration Regulation (EAR) rules. The following rules have been changed or clarified: -References to Foreign Trade Regulations -EAR’s Unverified List -EAR’s Commerce Control List -EAR’s Initial Implementation of Export Control Reform – Military Vehicles; Vessels of War; Submersible Vessels, Oceanographic Equipment; Related Items; […]

2014 Export Control Forum

The dates and event location for the 9th Annual Export Control Forum have been made public by the BIS. The 9th Annual Export Control Forum will take place February 24th through the 25th in Newport Beach, CA.   The following is to be addressed at the Forum: -Updates regarding the regulatory process -Reviews of the […]

Definitive interpretation of “Routed Transactions” to be established

Because of the undefined terminology of “routed transactions,” the BIS has proposed a ruling to clarify the issue. This stems from the potential of miscommunication between the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) and the FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations) who currently both posses differing definitions as to what constitutes “routed transactions.” The proposed solution is to change […]

Foreign License Requirements

Trade agencies in Asia have asked the BIS to remind those exporting to the U.S. to adhere to the local license requirements. A press release from the BIS was issued on Jan. 2nd of 2014 as a reminder to foreign exporting customers.   The report stresses that: – U.S. exporters need to note any license […]

Routed Export Transactions

What are Routed Export Transactions? According to the Foreign Trade Regulations, a routed export transactions is “an export transaction in which the foreign principal party in interest (FPPI) authorizes a U. S. agent to facilitate the export of a shipment from the U. S. and to prepare and file electronic export information (EEI).” This means […]

Department of State Frequently Asked Questions

This guide contains answers to over 70 questions most often asked by exporters who are regulated by the Department of State and the US Government. It’s got useful advice, recommendations, technical answers, and more. Get a Free Copy of the Deparment of State Frequently Asked Questions Now Fill out the form below with your name […]

EAR, ITAR and EU Legal Compliance

Evaluation and Analysis Governance Documented Processes and Procedures Analysis, Classification and Validation or product classification (ECCN) codes under ITAR/EAR and European Union legal guidelines Risk Management Active Products and Blocked Shipments Customer contract fulfillment Compliance HEC and TEC Verification Export Licensing Compliance and Management (SAP/GTS) Export Compliance Manual Customization International Consulting Company for Exporters

Chinese Spies – Confessions of a Defector

From EpcohTimes During his recent visit to Canada, Chen Yonglin the Chinese diplomat who defected in Australia pointed out that the Chinese embassies in North-America control and use the Chinese Student and Scholar Associations (CSSA) for ulterior motives such as spying. More and more evidence for this Chinese embassy’s control has surfaced lately. Read More