Export Compliance Hits the Headlines – ITT Corp. Fined Record $100 M For Night Vision violation

The ITT Corp. case is a consequence of the push-pull politics of industry vs. government in the movement to weaken export control in light of the huge pressure to globalize manufacturing.

More later on this. For now – here’s a sampling of stories and Blog reactions to the ITT Corp fine.

It looks like the PR blow back alone will be horrendous and exceed the $10 mil. PZ

The Story:

ITT Corp. has agreed to pay a $100 million penalty for illegally sending classified night-vision technology used in military operations to China and other countries, U.S. Attorney John Brownlee announced Tuesday.News coverage:
New York Times

From the Blogsphere:
Traitors? ITT Fined Up to 100 Million for illegal night vision exports by
SoonerThoughtNice to see that not every defense contractor can f*** the troops and get away with it.. Nicer to see that this US Attorney didn’t have to “resign” before he got the conviction. DailyKos The Manufacturer of laser gear could be made cheaper overseas! AndRightlySoDefense Contractor Jeopardized U.S. Soldiers Truthdig.com

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