ITAR Acknowledgement

So, you export military goods to another country huh? I’m sure you do everything by the rules yourself, but how many people do you have in your organzation? Does your secretary know what ITAR regulations are? What about your warehouse people?

A common failure in many controlled export businesses is to forget to inform all of their employees about the regulations they’re subject to. And trust me, if you don’t make a point to tell them they won’t ask until it’s too late!

Consider having each managing member of your company sign an ITAR Acknowledgement form as part of your human resources routine. This will make sure everyone can be held accountable in case of the unforseen.

Feel free to cut and paste from the below for your ITAR Human Resources form:

Program Description:

I hereby acknowledge that I understand the International Traffic in Arms regulations as they relate to the export of technical data for this program.

I have read the Department of State license provisions relevant to this program and agree to abide by them.

I recognize that as a managing member for this project, it is my responsibility to inform those employees under my supervision of their role in the export of data and products for this program and the regulations that they must adhere to.

In the event that there is a question regarding export policy I will refer it to the regulatory compliance office (phone number) or a member of senior management.



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  1. I got a Job Alert for SCM Manager & wanted to understand the implications of ITRA concerning aviation industry warehouse mgmt.