San Jose Man Faces 100 Years For Alleged Dual-Use Violation to China

A San Jose Man faces 100 years imprisonment – and his company, Data Physics Corp. - is being pursued by the Department of Commerce for dual use violaitons. The firm alledgedly sent stress-test shaking machines – typically used for commerical ends – to a missle factory in China. Read more at

Chi Mak Case Verdict—Guilty

“Mak said he believed he was doing nothing wrong by giving the documents to his brother to take out of the country because they were papers that had been presented previously at international conferences. The government, however, alleged the documents were export-controlled and couldn’t fall into foreigners’ hands.” This is the case that may redefine […]

DoD May Join Defense Industry in Push To Reform U.S. Export Rules, reports

Or so screamed the headline… Say what? The Department of Defense wants to loosen export restrictions “that keep military technology out of the hands of U.S. Allies.” reports How odd. But a close reading of this article, from, reveals that this is an interpretation, or one man’s guess, if you will, as to […]

Export Encryption Rules and You

Here’s a nice little primer on the export controls of encryption from IBLS – Internet Business Law Services, “Internet Law – Other Legal Issues Regarding Cryptography and Encryption” “The United States government is very concerned about the exportation of both encrypted messages and encryption capabilities through software. Government officials fear that the software and messages […]

US Export Rules To Be Reconsidered…

= Read ExportLawBlog’s take on this breaking story – “Rift Between DoD and DDTC Exposed!”  CSIS Press Release: WASHINGTON, May 8, 2007 – The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has been asked by the Department of Defense to conduct an independent study to examine current U.S. export control regulations in light of the U.S. […]

OFAC Civil Penalty Report for May 2007

 OFAC’s monthly civil penalty reports includes trailers for sale or rent and other assorted violations. The report is linked here.

Free BIS Web Seminar May 15

A webinar  to be held on export licensing by the Bureau of Industry and Security will describe your item’s specific license requirements, the destination of your item, the parties involved in the transaction and the end-use of the item. > Learn how to determine your license requirements based on the item.> Learn what ECCN means to you […]

Unwanted Advances – Tests, Arrests Draw Attention to Indian Missiles

   Here’s hopin’ you your Monday went well…While you slept …. .Indian missile technology advances – and US officials suspect recent launches may be from stolen technology. We reported on the Cirrus export bust recently. I predicted some political fallout –but I haven’t heard a peep about the implications. I think the Paris Hilton crises […]

Bombardier not commenting on possible case of espionage

From  Chinese Spys In Canada MONTREAL – Bombardier wasn’t commenting Wednesday on a report that foreign technicians were caught stealing secrets at one of its Montreal plants last year. The newspaper report said that Chinese technicians were especially interested in computer files at one of the jet-assembly plants and that Bombardier tried to keep […]

U.S. and Canada Reportedly Reach Partial Agreement on ITAR Controversy

From the International Trade Law News website. Canada‘s The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that the U.S. and Canada have reached an agreement on how to handle the recent controversy involving dual citizens who work on military projects in Canada - which are subject to the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The paper reports […]